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History and Politics - The Middle East, North Africa and Afghanistan
United Nations Link
International Criminal Court Link
The World Factbook by the CIA Link
USAID Greenbook Link
Pew Research Center Link
Failed States Index by the Fund for Peace Link
CSIS Center for Strategic and International Studies Link
Canadian International Council Link
Uppsala University Conflict Data Program Link
Middle East Research Institute Link
Dansk Institute for International Studies Link
Amnesty International Link
Human Rights Watch Link
Al-Jazeera Link
The Globe and Mail Link
Democracy Now! Link
The Atlantic Link
The Independent Link
The BBC Link
Politiken Link
Wikipedia Link
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Fawaz Gerges (Professor of International Relations at LSE) Video 1, Video 2
Abdel Bari Atwan (Editor-in-Chief of Rai al-Youm) Video 1, Video 2
Mehdi Hasan (Journalist, Broadcaster and Author) Video 1, Video 2

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